Hey, I'm Jayne.

We all take photos and view images on a daily basis.  But do those images make the heart sing, successfully capture the smaller simple moments in life or express the true passion behind a brand?


As a second-generation photographer, my childhood consisted of regular shoots in our family garden often rocking a pair of hip Oshkosh denim overalls. 


Fast-forward a few years and my own love for the lens has grown through travel, my own recipe development, passion and mostly the reaction from clients, friends and family when seeing an image for the first time. As cliche as it is, a picture really is worth a thousand words.


My photography is a collaboration of my childhood experience, travel, crazy creative thoughts and my passion for exquisite food, people and health.  


3 fun facts about me...


I recently took up sewing. Something I never took seriously during school but recently dusted down our machine and manufactured the exact pants I had been searching for in stores and through the internet. I now have successfully completed my first, beautiful pant and top suit.  


I am a proud cat mum to two Himalayan Persian, Alfie + Pixi. 


You'll find loads of floral bouquets all around my house. I love am obsessed with all flowers, fresh or dried!